Qianshu Fu

Product Designer,  UI/UX Designer,
Illustrator,  Rabbit

Education: Royal College of Art-MA Design Products
Email: 2469358654@qq.com
Instagram: summerfu80
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Qianshu Fu

A Product & UI/UX Designer

Royal College of Art
MA Design Products

Product Design

Amethyst Garden
Earth Seed Boom
Log Party
Soft Light

Email: 2469358654@qq.com
Instagram: summerfu80
Weixin: 13520343489

Amethyst Garden

Grape picking drone concept design
The Amethyst Garden is a concept design to help city dwellers grow and pick grapes on their rooftops. It was created at the height of the epidemic blockade and I wanted to use it as a way to provide people with the option to get fresh fruit and also bring some fun into their lives.


Service Blueprint

Sketches & Conception

Final Design

App for operation and monitoring