Qianshu Fu

Product Designer,  UI/UX Designer,
Illustrator,  Rabbit

Education: Royal College of Art-MA Design Products
Email: 2469358654@qq.com
Instagram: summerfu80
WeChat: 13520343489

Qianshu Fu

A Product & UI/UX Designer

Royal College of Art
MA Design Products

Product Design

Amethyst Garden
Earth Seed Boom
Log Party
Soft Light

Email: 2469358654@qq.com
Instagram: summerfu80
Weixin: 13520343489

Log Party

A set of interactive living room toys & furniture for parents and children
Log Party is a parent-child friendly living room furniture set that transforms the living room into an environment for free exploration and play, in which parents and children decide together whether to assemble the items into furniture or play props. They are both furniture and toys, or perhaps neither. But what is certain is that the process of interaction they create is full of possibilities: cooperation, education, creation and even conflict and compromise. I hope they will bring more dynamism to the family and more options to the parent-child relationship.

All the wood pieces are hand-made by the designer.

Riding Toys

Sensory Ball Game

Toy Box

Coffee Table

Coat Rack

Coat Basket

Bedside Table

Instruction Booklet