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Education: Royal College of Art-MA Design Products
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Qianshu Fu

A Product & UI/UX Designer

Royal College of Art
MA Design Products

Product Design

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Soft Light

Email: 2469358654@qq.com
Instagram: summerfu80
Weixin: 13520343489

Soft Light

A sponge interactive table lamp concept design
Soft Light is a concept design for an interactive table lamp. Its shell is made of a sponge that produces light dots of varying brightness depending on the pressure sensation (the greater the pressure the brighter the dots). The idea comes from the fact that we are accompanied and warmed by light like a friend.

Inspiration:The Meaning of Light

Material Exploration

Sketch Ideation

Final Design


First use soft clay to make the prototype of the sponge part, then turn over the mold with silica gel, pour the foaming material in, and demold after the foaming. Finally, install the lampshade and bulb.

Product Photo