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Qianshu Fu

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Royal College of Art
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Email: 2469358654@qq.com
Instagram: summerfu80
Weixin: 13520343489


A service system that brings seaweed into people's lives
Supergreen is a service system that helps people get closer to and learn about seaweed. It consists of a bus stop set up along the coast, an online shop selling seagrass products and an app that connects the services together. The aim is to help people understand the benefits of seaweed for the environment and its possibilities as a future food.

This is a Bus Stop set in the seaside city of Margate (The background photo was taken on site), which displays the species of seagrass I found on the nearby seaside. Viewers can scan the QR code on the platform to download the service app to learn more about seaweeds and purchase them.

Bus Station Structure


People can view the seaweeds raised in special seaweed breeding ecological tanks through the mobile app. Also, shop for seaweed-related treats, view cookbooks, share their experience in a community and find nearby seaweed display sites.

Users can also buy containers for growing seaweed at home from an online shop and use the app to monitor the growth of the seaweed in real time, harvesting and eating it as it matures.

Service System